Un-Bonded Linings

This type of lining process does not rely on bonding of the liner to the steel and is therefore capable of operating at higher temperatures. These linings are available in FEP, PFA and PTFE and for larger equipment the lining can be mechanically fixed to the shell. This type of lining is suitable for temperatures up to 260 deg C depending on the application.

Un-bonded lining are not suited to vacuum conditions unless mechanically fixed.

Due to the universal chemical resistance of fluoropolymers, lined vessels can remain functional even if the process duty is totally changed and often repaired in-situ. Existing equipment can be lined more quickly and securely than with other lining materials such as glass enamel.

Lining Techniques

The item to be lined is prepared for lining, ensuring that all corners are radiussed. The lining is pre-fabricated ensuring that it precisely matches the dimension and configuration of the shell, and the joints machine fusion welded using specially developed equipment.

The completed lining is tested with high voltage spark testing equipment to detect any discontinuities.

Mechanically Attached Linings

Where the lined units are large and the structural properties of the lining material are near its limits or if the item operates under slight negative pressure it is recommended that the lining is mechanically attached.

Mechanical fixing ensures the liner remains in position during operation. All fixing points are sealed with discs welded over the fixing position.

This type of mechanically attached lining is used typically on high temperature flue gas duct applications operating up to 260 Deg C

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