Composite FRP/GRP Linings

Linings are produced using glass reinforcement impregnated with chemical resistant resins and finished with C Glass or Synthetic layers to form a final corrosion barrier.
The resins used by Plastichem are primarily Vinylester Epoxies due to their excellent chemical resistance properties.
These systems provide an extremely cost effective solution typically for storage vessels and similar equipment.

Lining Techniques

The surfaces to be lined are shotblasted to SA2-1/2 or higher and to the required surface roughness. The surface is then primed with a specially designed primer to maximaise the bond strength to the steel. The primer also has elastomeric properties that enhance performance during temperature cycling and provide impact resistance.

The laminate lining is applied in overlapping sections in a series of thickness stages until the required laminate thickness is achieved.
The final surface corrosion barrier layer is then applied and if necessary a post cure heat cycle is carried out to maximise the performance properties of the resin.

The lining can be made conductive to avoid static electricity build up when necessary.


Typical applications are :

Storage Vessels and tanks

Silos and hoppers

Chimneys and Stacks

Road Transport Tanks and ISO Tank Containers

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