GRP Composites

Plastichem design and manufacturing expertise in GRP has been developed over a 50 year period.
GRP as a composite has been used in high performance products for at least that time. It can be individually and precisely designed for temperature, pressure and vacuum ensuring economy in all chemical resistant applications. It is a predictable engineering product even used in helicopter blades, wind farm blades, military ships, aircraft and other high stress applications. It has a distinct advantage in chemical applications of inherent anti-corrosion properties and light weight over equivalent steel fabrications.

Plastichem is one of only a few Companies with the expertise in both fluoropolymer sheet lining and manufacture of GRP resin composites. Plastichem combines these skills together in the production of fluoropolymer lined tanks and vessels which are widely used in the chemical industry. GRP as a structural material compared to steel is lighter and has extremely good resistance to external corrosion by selection of varied resin systems, enabling both economy and performance.

Applications include :
Acid fume ducting
Chlorine electrolyser header pipework

Chlorine manifolds in production

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